What Are You Waiting for? Shift Your Business to an Online and Get the Freedom to Do Your Work from ANYWHERE!

Linda in AlaskaDoes freedom to you mean...

Whichever it is, the key to your freedom is in your hands.

EVEN IF you frequently find yourself thinking:

What if there were a way for you to go where you want—when you want—and take your business with you?

"Is that really possible?" you may be asking yourself.

Or you may be thinking, "Sure, OTHERS can live that kind of exotic lifestyle, but not me."

The simple answer? YES, it is completely possible—for YOU. Linda Dear Freedom Seeker,

If you're like me, you've got big dreams for your life. You feel passionate about your work and want to share it with others, and you're not afraid of the work it takes to get there. AND you long for travel experiences that make you feel ALIVE, that unleash your spirit!

All too often, those dreams fall by the wayside as you get mired in the day-to-day details of running your business in the same way, in the same place you always have. You don't feel your business will ALLOW you to make extended trips to other parts of the world because it's not set up to make money online.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can travel AND run your business, travel and even GROW your business, if you want!

I know because I've done it myself. While traveling and living abroad extensively, I've built a business that I can run WHILE spending months at a time in my favorite place, Italy, or learning tango in Argentina, or exploring history in Russia. I do ALL of that—which FEEDS MY SOUL so much!—without missing a beat in my business.

More than that, my business isn't just on cruise control during my time in other countries; my travels actually help me grow my business by expanding my horizons, introducing me to new people and broadening my experience in a way that makes me a better marketer, a better boss and a better person.

I'd love for you to have the same experience. You don't have to be "special" to travel with your business. It's not just for others; it's for you, too. And it's easier than you think. I can't wait to show you how it's done!

I've put together the On the Road & Making Money program to help you realize your dreams—not in 5 years...if ever...but starting NOW. I hope you'll join today and get on the path to your own journey of a lifetime in 2018!

on the road and making money

The On the Road & Making Money program equips you with practical know-how and expert guidance to get YOU and YOUR BUSINESS ready to run from anywhere. Join today and begin your journey. You'll discover...

The On the Road & Making Money program is your next step...and the beginning of your travel dreams come true!

Do you see yourself soaking up in the art and architecture of Europe or tasting the unique flavors of South America? Would you rather relax in the sun and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of a tropical island? Do you long to see the African plains? The Great Wall of China?

Or is your "abroad" simpler, even sweeter: you want to be able to spend a few months every year with the grandkids in Ohio?

Whatever it is, with On the Road & Making Money, you'll get to realize the benefit of specific, personal mentoring from an internationally recognized online marketing expert who knows firsthand what it takes to go on the road with your business.

You won't waste time trying a lot of ideas that won't work. Instead, you'll get customized, individual, expert guidance that will allow you to travel with—and grow—your business as soon as possible.

"This Program Was the Answer to My Prayers"

Creating an online business was pretty much a hope and a dream. Now I have more confidence than ever before because I have the road map and the tools to move forward. I am totally clear on my ideal client. I have learned how to do transformative conversations with prospects, and I'm learning how to build my list and do a lot of other things I always wondered about but didn't know how to implement.

Linda has such a down-to-earth, patient, non-judgmental spirit, and she really gets it. I was a little skeptical at first because my business is a ministry to the world and I didn't think she would understand that. She did. This program was the answer to my prayers. It is worth every dollar.

Karen R. Johnson

"We Get So Much Done and Yet It Feels Effortless"

In working with Linda, I'm always amazed how we get so much done and yet it feels effortless, like chatting with a friend. Her insights and advice are always full of wisdom and experience and never seem pushy or overly directive. While she does challenge me to go outside my comfort zone, to overcome resistance and try new things, it's always in a fun way!

Marcie Martin

"The Experience Changed Me and It Changed My Business!"

Linda's program showed up on my radar at just the right time. I knew I needed to come at my business differently in order to grow and even though it was a big gulp investment, it was so worth it. I learned so much about growing my online business and blasted through a number of limiting assumptions. The experience changed me and it changed my business. I've continued to use and build on everything I learned from Linda!!

Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Building a business SOLO—all by yourself—is like taking the LONG way down a road that either disappears or deadends.

So if you're DONE watching the years go by, confined to the same 4 walls day after day, waiting for SOMEDAY...

Get On the Road & Making Money now and let's make your dream happen...TODAY, not someday.

Plus, the flexibility and freedom that an online business affords you gives you benefits that last as long as your business does...not just when you're traveling. Here's what's included:


The "On the Road & Making Money" program covers everything you need to get your business online and your body on the road, in 24 practical, digestible modules, plus handouts, worksheets and transcripts. The course takes you through a step-by-step model that paces your learning and allows you to move ahead confidently while staying out of overwhelm. Modules cover every important component of creating a thriving business you can run from anywhere with just a laptop and a phone.

If your business is already set up to be run online, this course will help you get FAR better results from your efforts.

With years of industry leadership and recognized experience running her business online, Linda shares proven strategies that have helped thousands of business owners expand their customer bases, earn more money and do it all from wherever they want to go. Your 24 weekly training modules and other materials are yours to keep forever. VALUE:$2,550

Linda, My Business Is New. Am I Ready for Something Like This?

Absolutely! In fact, one of the best things you can do for your business, especially if you want to take it on the road, is jump into this program. Why?

  • You’ll discover tricks and techniques you can implement now and in the future, away and at home. Get started immediately, and have a strategy and plan for down the road.
  • Skip the wasteful years of trial-and-error that normally accompany most new businesses. I'll be showing you the exact methods I implemented to create the travel/work lifestyle I live so you don't have to wait.
  • None of us knows the future, and "someday" may never come. So why would you postpone the experiences that bring you such joyful fulfillment and nourishment for the soul?

My Business Is More Seasoned. Will This Program Be Too Basic?

Linda in RomeGreat question. My particular area of expertise is helping business owners like you focus on, grow and maximize their online business presence so you don't have to be tied geographically to any one place AND you don't always have to be so "hands on." 

If you can answer "yes" to these three questions, then you can skip this program:

  • Are you satisfied with the size of your global audience (and IS it global?) and do you have plans in place that you are confident will grow that global audience, leverage it and make it work for you 24/7?
  • Do you have products, programs and/or services in place that you can easily deliver remotely, and are you satisfied with the numbers of clients and customers who currently purchase those?
  • Are you already running your business while you travel to destinations you love, and are you getting the results you want in your business when you do?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then THIS is what I'll help you with. You may need to retool some of the practices you have in place that are working—but not in the way they need to if you are spending more time on the road.

"I Love It! I Want to Join. What's the Investment?"

Linda in UruguayPast clients are often surprised at how much they get for their investment in my program.

Understandably so. Many coaches charge a great deal more for just a few coaching sessions.

Yet with the On the Road & Making Money program, you get a comprehensive 24-module online business-building course, individual mentoring in a group setting (12 sessions), monthly Q&A sessions (guest experts + another opportunity for mentoring), 2 "Let's Get Going" virtual planning get-it-done sessions, and a private Facebook group for feedback between calls and a great community of like-minded, travel-loving solopreneurs.

That's in addition to the bonuses—Traveling with Your Business Made Easy, lifetime membership in SwapMyOffice.com, Ready2Go Articles and the entire series of "On the Road & Making Money EXTRAVAGANZA" interviews.

Total value of all the support you receive is $15,000.

For an investment of only $397/month for 6 months. Or 1 payment of $1,997, saving you $385.

This is an investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS that will continue to pay off for you, year after year.

One new client, or multiple clients enrolling in a new program you create, could MORE THAN pay for the On the Road & Making Money program!

Join NOW—Because Dreams Don't Wait

Join now because you know that you and your travel dreams are worth developing.

Join now because it is time to say YES to yourself.

Join now because you insist on changing your "someday" dream into a "NOW" reality.

Join now to stake your claim to a successful, thriving, portable, profitable business...no more struggling, no more uncertainty, no more feeling stuck.

Join now to claim your thrilling, brilliant life, traveling to the destinations that feed your soul and inspire the best in you.

Reservation Form $397 per month for 6 months $1,997 1-payment

What the World Needs Are People Who Have COME ALIVE!

Join the On the Road & Making Money program to reignite that spark in YOU that sparkles out into the universe.

Let's light up this world!

"Her Training Materials Are Second to None"

I am a well seasoned traveler and have relocated overseas several times. My challenge was how to get my business running fully online so that I can let go of depending on in-person client engagements.

Linda is a gifted coach and instructor and her business acumen and sense of adventure are very inspiring. Her training materials are second to none and they have given me everything I need to move forward with a very strong foundation. It is wonderful to have all the valuable information, instructions and templates at my fingertips. Now that I don't have to spend time reinventing the wheel, I am able to move forward with excitement and ease.

Jan O'Brien

"Linda Is a Brilliant, Wonderful Coach"

I've been talking about putting this business together for a couple of years. I've done a lot of research but I didn't know where to start. And after listening to Linda's workshop, I thought this is a person who can really help me figure out what to do and give me the tools to do it. And I was right! If you want to take your business on the road or if you just want to take your business to a higher place, Linda is a brilliant, wonderful coach.

Paula Liscio

Still Have Questions? Don't Hesitate to Ask...

Click here to email Linda any question you have about the On the Road & Making Money. She will respond to you personally.

As poet Mary Oliver wrote, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

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